Upcoming Dingo-ation

I’m dreaming of warmth, even as I fear the effects of the Sun.  My father is recovering from skin cancer facial surgery, and any positive thoughts or energy you could send his way would be greatly appreciated by me.  I’ll put a photo of Dad once I get the scanner up.  I’ll send y’all good karma.  I do anyhow, but this is special.
With utmosts sincerity,


Here is where advanced stuff will be posted. If you want to stay on top of what dingo is doing, subscribe to the feed for this page.

New Doings:

Possible trip to Vansterdam, to see the whole crew, and enjoy the good autumn weather (rain, which we love). Also in the works, a trip to South Carolina as early as Thanksgiving, but possibly Christmas 2006 or just after.

Past Doings:

Click to see PA270997.JPGClick to see PA271039.JPG
(pictures from Dingo’s honeymoon with Cosmo at the John Lennon – Yoko Ono Honeymoon Suite at the Amsterdam Hilton in the fateful fall of 2001.)


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