Posted by: Brielle Brennan | December 4, 2007

My sister is cut off from us in the middle of the worst flooding of the storm, as Washington state is experiencing major flooding along I-5 northbound.

Dear friends and readers,

As I type this blog post, I’m very concerned about my youngest sister.  She just gave birth to her first child less than three weeks ago, and she and her family are stuck in the middle of major flooding along I-5 exits #60-#82.  My sister’s home is located off the Interstate highway exit #77 to #72.  Two bridges are believed to have washed away in this same area, and I can not contact her as phone service is unavailable.  This is a state of emergency, and Mother Nature is acting most cruel.

Here is a link to what is happening right now according to reports from our local NBC television station, KING 5.   The Denny’s shown in the video is six blocks from my sister’s house, and about a quarter mile away from my brother’s house; but his house is located on top of a hill, so he’s probably better off, albeit the Neuwaukam valley river runs directly through his property.  I hope I don’t have to post any more sound-bites of anyone else being pulled to safety.  I’m sorry to be selfish, I don’t want to see my sister, her baby and boyfriend pulled out of the flood waters, or find out that’s what has indeed happened.  This is very nerve racking, and I hope the rain will subside before there’s any further damage to the area and it’s residents.  Here’s  a link to the local newspaper in the area, and also this link for voluntary evacuations in Lewis county,

I’ll post more as the information comes in.  I appreciate all your concern and best wishes for this flooding to end, and your hopes that my family members are safe and well.


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