Posted by: Brielle Brennan | November 23, 2007

I’m going to the land of Sun after the New Year!

Season’s greetings everyone,

I know I’ve been extremely delinquent in writing (I really should say posting-I’ve written many posts, yet they’re not finished yet), so I’m going to write a quick note to say hello and get you up to par with my life.

On November 14th, my youngest sister welcomed her first child into the world.  I wish I was at liberty to tell you about him, but I’m not.  I respect my sister’s right to privacy, yet I will say this.  Her and her significant other’s baby is one handsome boy, and as healthy as they come.  He’s a very welcomed addition to the family; and if/when my sister relents, I’ll flood you with his pictures and stories about him.  For now, I just want to welcome him to the world, and let you know I’ve joyfully become an aunt again.

My oldest daughter Kirsten, is expecting another child.  I don’t know the sex yet, but I do know the due date.  Her next child is due on April 20, 2008.  My birthday is April 12th, and while it would be sweet if her child came on my birthday, I believe firmly this child should have it’s own date of birth.  In the event Kirsten’s baby does arrive on the 12th, that date would then become the baby’s birthday, and mine will be quietly observed.  I was due on my mother’s birthday, yet I waited exactly three weeks later to have my own.  Eleven months later, one of my sisters arrived the day before my mother’s birthday; forever linking their birthdays together.  One cake for two birthdays.  Ouch!  To make matters worse, it meant my mother had two children at the age of twenty-four years, turning twenty-five the next day.  What a bummer . . . for them both!

My son Kevin was born on December 24th, yet he was due on Christmas Day instead of Christmas Eve.  I willed him to come into this world the day before Christmas, because I wasn’t going to rip him off from having his own birth day!  December 26th was out of the question, as that is National Whiners’ Day in the USA, and it’s difficult enough being born the day before Christmas as is.  As I’m also part Scottish in heritage, I wasn’t going to wait until New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, as I wanted the tax write off that my son’s birth provided.  What can I say?  I’m cheap, impatient and practical.

Well, as we collectively head into the holiday season, I want to wish everyone a wonderful time during this period.  I’m waiting to do my real celebrating (selfishly giving myself the present of going to the land of sunshine) until January.  Sting wrote a beautiful song titled, “January Stars”, and I hope my ‘January Star’ comes true!  If I were to ask for only one thing for myself (besides peace, health and good will for all), it would be for the fruition of my journey to be a new beginning of love, hope, and prosperity.  I send this wish to all in our world, and I hope we all will have our dreams and desires come true.

Until next time, please know I send my love and gratitude for you, out to the universe in hope of safekeeping of us all.  May you find peace and love in your hearts for yourselves, your loved ones, your fellow mankind, and all of Earth’s creatures. 

With my utmost love for you all,

Dingo Brennan Stewart

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