Posted by: Dingo | September 23, 2006

My first true entry has finally arrived!

Hello friends and new acquaintances,

Happy Autumnal Equinox!!! What a long and eventful summer it was, and in typical fashion, too many new and cool things came up for me to begin my blog until now, and I had a wonderful time being a world class slacker. I’ve been living in Olympia for too long–“damn hippies”, myself included, and this has delayed my blog. Please accept my heartfelt apologies about my tardiness in beginning this project, but I’m sure you’ll find it was worth the wait.

Before I say anymore, I have to give thanks to far too many people who have been waiting for this site to start. Trust me, I plan on having a crack at getting to everyone ( of course the pun is intended), but I must give out my first honorable mention. May I have a drum roll please . . . for the catagory of Inspiration, “Doses of Crack” would have never come to light had it not been for my genius “RockStar” friend and winner of this award, “Cathycracks“. Had it not been for her hand in creating and inciting my natural competitiveness, I never would have started “Doses of Crack”. Here’s the first “Doses of Crack” toast to fellow ‘Cracker’, Cathy, and giving the public just a little teaser about her until our next part-ee, eh! Canada Rocks!

(F.Y.I. No crack was harmed during this photo shoot! Hey Scales!)

For those of you who don’t know where the word ‘crack’ originated, it’s from the Irish Gaelic word Craic. Craic roughly translates to “Big Talk” or someone who is full of stories and/or blarney. If you think about it, you’ll realize the word ‘crack’ has evolved (in it’s most base and/or depending on personal interpretation, demeaning form) in the States as the slang word ‘cracker’. If you’re from the southern region of the U.S, you may have been referred to or known as a “Cracker”. The reference usually denotes a generalization and stereotypical view (which may or may not be true) of a person’s heritage, usually Caucasian, as a lazy broke ass who ultimately doesn’t do shit with their life. History in the States portrays “Crackers” as people who wished/acted as though their family were of wealthy descendant(s); mainly English and Dutch, but by no means did this preclude the other northern European land-owner rapists bastards*. A day in the life of a ‘cracker’ could constist of drinking your day away, while ordering other people around, and just being an ass. Just something for you to think about, and interpret accordingly.

Since I’m completely (100%) second-generation born American, I’mobviously exempt from the forementioned sin. Now, as I’ve just demonstated by my preceding sentence, anyone can be a cracker. In case you didn’t pick up on my dry humor, I’ll just tell you I’m usually full of shit, but I do speak crack harmlessly and in a more of a theatrical effect ( for better storytelling or mayhaps a tad of embellishment), and I suggest you partake in your crack addiction in a lighter, healthier and in a good Irish traditional fashion.

So have fun, and I’ll start posting my bullshit stories soon! Until next time . . . much love and peace for us all.
Dingo Ka~Ka



  1. Is that a new way? I want to improve my soaking emperor Nice joke! What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved.

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